Let TUFTRUCK unlock the potential of your Chevrolet/GMC truck.

If you’ve ever wanted to add a heavy duty front bumper with a winch, the problem is the coil springs that come already installed can’t handle the load. Chevy/GMC OEM coil springs lack load and towing capacity. That’s why you need TUFTRUCK.

We manufacture heavy duty replacement coil springs that far exceed OEM parts. Whether you’re hauling something heavy like an RV or attaching a snowplow, TUFTRUCK coil springs will improve your vehicle’s weight hauling capability and road handling stability, so that you can do the job.

And add comfort. (Sure, you’re a tough guy, but even tough guys need a comfortable ride.)

TUFTRUCK coil springs will stabilize your vehicle, absorb shock and vibration and improve driver control. Our coils are also the only ones manufactured to be application specific, such as adding more load capacity or towing power.

Manufactured in small production runs, with hands-on craftsmanship using high-quality U.S. steel, TUFTRUCK coils will boost the performance of your vehicle. If your truck is sagging, set things straight with TUFTRUCK.




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