TUFTRUCK® manufactures and sells heavy-duty suspension upgrade coil springs for Dodge, Dodge Ram, Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC pickup trucks or vans. Our heavy-duty coils significantly reduce sagging and swaying on your vehicle, and thus outperform OEM suspension stock parts. TUFTRUCK® coils also assist in improving your vehicle’s handling and stopping capability.  So, get the ride you deserve and fit TUFTRUCK today. RIDE PROUD, RIDE TUFTM !

TUFTRUCK wants to add some more muscle to your Ford truck.

Ford trucks may be built to last, but they’re not built as tough as they could be when it comes to hauling or towing. Pump up your Ford by using TUFTRUCK heavy duty replacement coil springs that far exceed OEM parts.

Fords have coil springs only in the front and those OEM coils have a limited capacity. Whether you are hauling something heavy like an RV or adding a large front bumper with a winch, TUFTRUCK coil springs will improve your Ford’s weight hauling capability and road handling stability.

TUFTRUCK coil springs will improve stability for your vehicle, absorb shock and vibration and improve driver control. 

Other coils are just OEM replacements. Not TUFTRUCK. Our coils offer a huge load capacity upgrade over standard Ford coils. TUFTRUCK coils are also the only ones that are manufactured to be application specific, such as adding more load capacity, or towing power if you are attaching something like a recreational vehicle, a winch, or a snowplow.

Manufactured in small production runs, with hands-on craftsmanship using high-quality US steel, TUFTRUCK coils will boost the performance of your Ford.

Tow and haul with confidence. Reduce sway and sag. Enjoy a smoother ride with safer stopping. Tuf’n up your Ford so it can handle any situation.




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